I started exploring the healing properties of mother nature, well, because I was desperate. Desperate to find natural remedies that didn’t come with harmful synthetic ingredients and a list of various side effects.

I suffered from constant migraines, nausea, and excruciating menstrual cramps that made it almost impossible to perform my job as a fashion designer. The constant sensitivity to sound and light became pretty debilitating. The only thing that worked was a strong shot from my doctor that would put me in a dark room for three days, riding the rollercoaster of side effects until the migraines stopped. It broke me down at the time. But also sparked my will to find another way.

Coming from a Greek/Armenian family, I grew up hearing my grandmother suggest all sorts of interesting “natural remedies”, definitely NOT approved by the FDA (oh, you have a fever, dip your socks into white vinegar and wear them overnight). Surprisingly, most worked. I thought of this during the last 3-days in a dark room roller coaster ride, and well, that was it. My curiosity turned into a now 10+ year journey studying and experimenting with natural healing.

While exploring the many homeopathic healing properties of mother nature, I discovered the countless benefits of essential oils, plant extracts and herbs. I learned that applying oils topically or internally can affect the body on a cellular level, meaning the oil absorbs into cells and can heal more effectively than most prescription medication. So, I started blending and testing until I got results. I still remember the pure excitement I felt after one of my blends eased my throbbing headache. The blending and testing continued for pms pain, chronic neck and back pain etc until I experienced real results on myself. My friends, family and coworkers started requesting samples after hearing about my results, so I started making all sorts of blends for them. Their positive experience and realizing how expensive these oils were getting turned my passion/hobby into SeedBloom!

And just like that, my house quickly turned into a wellness lab. My friends were delighted to test new blends and helped bring the vision of my brand to life. It’s been the most challenging and wonderful experience, healing with such powerful oils. I’m thrilled to share my passion and love for natural healing with all of you! My mission is to change and improve lives one blend at a time.

Founded and Handmade by Eva Markarian in her Los Angeles home.